Registration and Enrolment

Registration and Enrolment Procedures


Enrolment for all degree programs begins with online pre-registration during the month of September. Please check the International Students Guide for details. 


Undergraduate Degrees Entry Tests:

To access our Undergraduate degree courses, you must take a pre-enrolment test. The test aims to assess the initial preparation and study disposition of new students.

Students choosing English as the main language of study in the degrees of Comparative Languages and Cultures, Languages, Literatures and Cultures of Europe and the Americas, Linguistic and Cultural Mediation, Oriental and African Languages and Cultures, must pass a mandatory B1 entry test which takes place in September. For news on the test go to this

For students wishing to enrol in a degree course in Political Science and International Relations the entry test will take place in September. To register for the test go to:


Master’s Degree Programmes:

To access our University’s Master's Degree Programmes it is necessary to pass an entry test before carrying out the pre-enrolment procedure for the chosen Master's Degree Programme. The entry tests are established by each individual degree course. For information regarding dates and registration for the entry test please consult the web pages of the course.